Leachate treatment process
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External membrane bioreactor (MBR)
The MBR is a membrane separation technology and traditional biochemical methods for the organic combination of a new water treatment technology. Its greatest strength and characteristics of biochemical systems activated sludge concentration limit completely interception activity of microorganisms greatly improved, can guarantee the stability of the system effluent quality.
According to the company Engineering Practice has proved that the MBR system uses denitrification + nitrification process can be a good effective removal of ammonia, organic pollutants in the leachate wastewater. Ammonia nitrogen removal rate can reach more than 99% of organic pollutant removal rate of more than 92%. The entire system can run throughout the year, and to ensure the stability of the treatment effect, the membrane life of the system to guarantee the achievement of more than five years.

Ultrafiltration (UF)
Ultrafiltration of European tubular ultrafiltration membrane filter pore size of 0.03μm, ​​effective interception of all microbial bacteria and suspended solids. Meanwhile, the ultrafiltration system can carry out interception of large particles of organic pollutants, using a large flow of high-speed cycle, the hydraulic flow rate within the membrane tube to reach 3 ~ 5m / s, can effectively prevent the deposition of pollutants, and reduce the risk of membrane fouling to extend the life of film. At the same time, the system is set to strict flow, temperature, pressure monitoring, and cultivated cleaning system that can guarantee security and stability of the system in a variety of complex operating conditions work.

Nanofiltration (NF)
Used in nanofiltration spiral nanofiltration membrane, a dense membrane areas, volume organic composite film, the pore size of nanofiltration membrane separation in general about 1nm to 10nm nanofiltration operating pressure of 5 ~ 25bar about;its main advantage is that:
Nanofiltration of univalent salt ions (1) no withholding, so nanofiltration can be non-degradable organic molecules trapped in the concentrated solution at the same time the salt with the water discharge, a price within the concentrated solution of salt and leachate in raw water a price is basically the same salt concentration, the nanofiltration concentrate to recharge back to the landfill or pretreatment regulation pool will not be caused by salt enrichment in landfill leachate treatment system; at the same time as the need for nanofiltration concentrate treatment, can effectively avoid the concentrate high in salt and high salt concentrated solution at
Management processes such as adsorption process were investigated.
(2) The operating cost savings, usually in the 20 ~ 60bar RO operating pressure, and the actual operating pressure nanofiltration 7bar nanofiltration membrane permeation driving force is much smaller, which means lower energy consumption Therefore, the running costs of the NF lower than reverse osmosis;
(3) the water production rate, the nanofiltration serum production rate can reach more than 85%, compared with a reverse osmosis serum production rate of about 10%, reduce the amount of concentrate, tons of water unit processing costs can be reduced.

Reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis reverse osmosis for the roll, it belongs to the dense membrane areas, the volume of organic composite film, the biggest advantage is the high level of filtration, water quality. Therefore, the reverse osmosis membrane of organic pollutants, a price of salt, divalent salt rejection rate of 99% or more, but the required osmotic pressure, and the yield is lower, generally a reverse osmosis rate of about 75% . The spiral reverse osmosis reverse osmosis membrane elements for the current internationally accepted standards, their products instead of strong, average working pressure is 25 ~ 40bar pressure reverse osmosis in the maximum working pressure limit of 40bar.

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